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How to Flirt With a Guy

Flirting is one way of showing someone you are interested in them. It is an easy task as long as you remain confident and genuine. Playing with your body language will say it all especially when you are flirting with someone in the same room.

Flirting through a text is much easier and is done mostly by giving compliments. Make sure you maintain eye contact to see the guy’s reaction. Flirting is fun and can be a way of unwinding after a long day of activities. The following are ways to flirt with a guy.

Stay Confident

It is said there is nothing sexier than a confident lady. Being confident shows that you know what you want. A man will take that as a unique and special character.

A guy will notice you as you walk when you are confident. It gives the guy courage to walk up to you and even say hi. Confidence will make you give eye contact at any time. You will know if the guy is into you if he holds eye contact back at you.


Always Smile

A smiling and the happy lady is more attractive during dating. Smile when necessary to avoid overdoing it. Smiling shows that you are kind and genuine. Do not burst into laughter you might scare the guy.

According to a body language expert, a smile sends a subliminal sexual signal of healthy breeding by showing the teeth. Give asymmetrical smile to show emotions of happiness and pleasure. Smiling will make you look approachable and friendly. It also boosts your mood and confidence.

Touch and Intimacy

Be confident enough to break the touch barrier. It is an obvious way to show you are flirting with someone. Lean into him accidentally when you’re walking together, wait, and see his reaction. Put your hands on his shoulder casually it will show that you are comfortable around him.

Touch his arm, when you’re talking or laughing. Another trick is straightening his collar, shirt, or tie. Stand in front of him, with eye contact and compliment his look. You can also make the touches discreet, gentle, and seductive, he will get the message that you are flirting.

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Compliment and Tease Him

Guys also love being complimented, it boosts their esteem. It shows you are giving him attention, you are attracted to him and you appreciate him. When giving compliments be specific and honest. The compliment will appear more personal depending on how specific you are. If he’s artistic praise his work genuinely.

Tell him how much you love seeing him do the work and you could stare all day long. Lower your voice to make it seem intimate. Give sincere compliments to avoid looking fake and do not overdo them. Teasing also creates intimacy and shows a sense of humor. Find the right time to tease him and use scenarios that are comfortable for both of you. Avoid getting too personal, he might be offended.…